Music for 'Flawless'

by Sebastian Laskowski



This is another dance piece, and it's the first one I created. I collaborated with Angelina Krahn in early October 2010, who told me what her concept was. The piece has three males and one female, who becomes infatuated - almost obsessed - with these male figures, who she views as perfect. Eventually, the audience realizes that it is her who has the flaws.

It was a challenge to come up with something that would resonate this particular idea well. Angelina told me she was looking for percussion, especially ones with Latin sounds to them. I decided to record congas, bongos and cymbals, and manipulate them in an electroacoustic fashion. There is also guitar and piano, which is also manipulated, to give a sense of tension and discomfort throughout the piece, which I thought should be conveyed.


released January 14, 2011



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Sebastian Laskowski Vancouver, British Columbia

Sebastian is a Vancouver-based composer who fuses acoustic music with electronics. He has written for various groups, from string trio to choir to orchestra, as well as created scores for contemporary dance, film, theatre and installations. He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and Goldsmiths, University of London. ... more

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